1 March 2003:         Founding of Arabella Vermögensverwaltung AG
The Board of Directors is composed of Albert Niggli, president, Stefan Schörghuber, vice president and Patrick Niggli.
March 2008:Albert Niggli hands over operational leadership to Patrick Niggli.
March 2008:Alexandra Schörghuber replaces Stefan Schörghuber on the Board of Directors.
October 2010:Arabella Vermögensverwaltung reaches the second place in the «Bilanz» Ranking of the best asset managers in Switzerland and has been awarded the label «very competent».
1 March 2013:Arabella Vermögensverwaltung celebrates its 10th anniversary.
1 March 2018:Arabella Vermögensverwaltung celebrates its 15th anniversary.